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Seniors Real Estate Services

As a long time real estate professional, I am always taking courses to improve my skills.  I am proud to have recently completed the training for the Pivotal Accredited Senior Agent™ (ASA™) designation. This designation enhances my specialized skills in helping seniors and their families navigate the challenges faced when making decisions about where to live later in life.

This intense training covered many aspects of late in life moves, including aging in place, including Wills & Estates, Finances, Rightsizing, Choosing whether to stay or to move, and navigating all the options you have. I now also have access to ongoing training that will enable me to continuously raise my service level in this market.

I am now familiar with the many things that seniors and families don’t know that they don’t know, and have created a Network of Exceptional Specialists to help you if you do not have the professionals you need in place already. 

You will notice that the designation references ‘Pivotal’; that refers to Pivotal Aging Innovations, Inc®. Pivotal is a company offering services and training for many professions that deal with seniors and their families. Some of those professions include REALTORS®, Lawyers, Financial Planners, Mortgage Professionals, Retirement Residence staff, Moving Company professionals. Pivotal also offers the Ashby Memory Method (AMM™), a family or caregiver-delivered dementia & Alzheimer’s therapy program, as well as mandated education for the retirement residence and long-term care home marketplace. In short, Pivotal is the only company in Canada to offer a complete range of solutions for seniors and their families.

My focus in on the mature and senior market and I promise that I have the patience, caring, empathy, understanding and the professional tools to provide the highest levels of service to my clients.

This year, I helped many Scarborough families including:

  • A family nearing retirement sell their large family home in Scarborough.  An added challenge to this sale was dealing with an uncooperative tenant; I helped them with a successful sale and navigate the waters at the Landlord & Tenant Board, too
  • Selling a family home for a client that will be re-locating outside of Toronto upon her retirement.  We found a great local rental so she can help her family with their health challenges while she plans her next move.
  • Helping a family in West Hill sell their estate property at a price higher than suggested by several other local realtors.
  • Selling a long time family home in West Hill in just 3 days and finding a fantastic Durham condo for their next forever home.
  • Previewing retirement homes in Scarborough & Pickering so I can understand what might work best for my clients & their families.
  • Conduct several well attended Downsizing seminars in Scarborough.
  • Conducted group condo tours in Scarborough.
  • Added to my deep knowledge of condos by adding many new condo profiles to my Seniors Condo Buyer Package

 How do I plan on continuing to serve this community in 2019?

  • Continuing my Downsizing Seminars in Scarborough
  • Continuing my Group Condo Tour series where you can explore Condo living in a relaxed environment
  • Attending the Caregivers Expo at the Science Centre 

There are more than 120,000 REALTORS® in Canada and less than one per cent carry the prestigious Pivotal Accredited Senior Agent™ professional designation. I am proud to be in this elite group of like-minded professionals and am looking forward to being of service to you or to those whom you may refer to me. 

If you (like me) have friends and family that might be faced with decisions regarding planning for the future, or may even be unsure where to start, I have compiled some helpful resources including: 

  • Adult Active Living developments across Ontario & the GTA
  • Legal Services specializing in wills, trusts, probates, POA’s and estates
  • Accountant and estate planning tax specialists to minimize probate fees (among other things)
  • De cluttering & organizing specialists
  • Reliable and reasonably priced handymen and contractors
  • Information on reverse mortgages and other financial programs that may help a senior to live in and enjoy their current home for as long as possible

I plan on adding to the list of resources as often as I can, as centralized information is hard to find.  

So if you have parents or relatives (or friends that are encountering these questions) give me a call & I would be happy to share my information with you.  Just helpful information with no obligation.